Great visit, very friendly and quick to get my next appointment booked. by Jayson Pals on 08/28/2014
Oscar is all I want in a hygienist and more. He is detailed, gentle and a nice guy, and my teeth are the cleanest and whitest they have been in years, I no longer need crest whitening strips. Dr. Joy is sweet, explains things simply and I trust her to take care of only what I need. She has kept an eye on my troubled areas over the years and her equipment is amazingly precise. And I love the new office remodel. The line of work I do, I know many Dentists and this office is the one I picked, it’s one of the best Dental Offices in San Diego. by Mike M on 08/27/2014
I have been going to Rio Vista Family Dentistry for a few years and I have been so happy with the service that I have received there. Dr. Reyes is great and all of the staff are really friendly. Oscar does a great job with cleanings and Arlene is so helpful with scheduling and billing questions. Also, their offices are clean and comfortable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist! by Catherine on 08/26/2014
It was wonderful! Their staff is very personable and they work very hard to give you the best smile possible. by Darlene on 08/26/2014
Camille did a great job cleaning my teeth today and providing exam work. Unfortunately this is my last day as I am moving but I recommend Rio Vista Family Dentistry to all. by Luke on 08/26/2014
As always a great experience. Both Camille and Dr. Bonifacio remember who I am when I come back and despite only meeting twice a year they tend to remember what we talk about in previous appointments indicating to me that they care to listen and know their patients. by Oswaldo C on 08/25/2014
Kristen was awesome. She was extremely thorough and gentle. I appreciated that she was constantly explaining every step of the way. The front desk staff was also very friendly and helpful. by Anonymous on 08/20/2014
I really enjoy going to my dentist I know when I go all my questions will be answered and I do receive the best dental work and you also feel like one of the family 🙂 I can’t think of a reason why I wouldn’t go to this dentist office. by Jeri Kwieraga on 08/19/2014
Rio Vista Family Dentistry took care of business. They don’t waste time. They go to work…and they consistently think about what they can do to make their patients more comfortable. Visiting the dentist is no fun, so I am glad to know that my time is not wasted and that my comfort level is a priority. by Jose L. Cruz on 08/18/2014
The way I found this dentist office is I chipped a tooth biting into a sandwich that had a bone in the meat and needed to see a dentist that same day….I have been a customer for many years now. Dr. Reyes is very nice and a good dentist. Oscar is my dental hygenist and we talk as he works and like always he does an exceptional job. Ladies at front desk are always very friendly. I have mostly dealt with Arlene over the years and she has always been very friendly and good at her job. State of the art equipment, very clean, automated appointment reminder and i have rarely waited outside of my qppointment time….best dentist office I have ever gone to and I have recommended friends and coworkers and they also agree this is a good business with professional and talented staff members. Keep up the good work Rio staff. by Walter P. on 08/08/2014
Great first visit, the best dental visit I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a bunch! by AMM on 08/01/2014
As always, everyone was pleasant, had a friendly smile and was extremely helpful. Rio Vista is not our family dentist, everyone there is now family! I never thought I’d ever look forward to going to the dentist but now I do. by Robert Boze on 07/31/2014
Everyone is very friendly and professional! by Kris on 07/30/2014
Ok, now that I can chew again life is so much better. Rio v. Is a five star in my book. Dr. L adjusted my bite and worked on one of the crowns she gave me until it was perfect. I really love this place and Camille is an amazing hygenist! My smile is very much brightened! Thank you guys! by Annie S. on 07/27/2014
Love this dentist office. The place is clean, timely and professional. I appreciate the information they provide on how to keep my teeth looking good and healthy. by Jamie S. on 03/08/2014
This place saved me from horrible tooth pain. My wisdoms teeth started bothering me really bad. I called around searching for someone who could see me ASAP. I began to lose hope. When I called this place they were able to see me the same day. I recently had a baby and my husband was working. They let me bring her and didn’t seem to mind when my infant child began to cry cause she was hungry. I was prescribed some antibiotics and pain medication. Also referred to an oral surgeon who was also able to see me quickly. I was very pleased with the service I received. And they were very friendly, professional, and the office seem very clean. I would recommend this location to a friend and will be going back soon to get my teeth cleaned. by Eva W. on 10/01/2013
I have been going to Rio Vista Family Dentistry for years now. I have referred all my family and my friends and they all love the dentists, hygienists, and staff. I have been seen by both Dentists and they are all great. Oscar is my hygienist and he takes his time to really clean my teeth each time I come. The decor is soothing and they have TV stations in the ceiling to watch when having work done. The automated email and text system is great to remind me of my appointments. I also love the follow up calls the dentists make themselves to make sure everything is going well. What a great group and highly recommended. by Eric R. on 09/21/2013
This dentist is the best! I’ve been going there for years. The office is a friendly and clean environment. They have worked with me when I needed to rush in an appointment and I’ve never been dissatisfied with their services. I highly recommend them! by G C. on 08/28/2013
Oscar is the best hygenist ever, my teeth look amazing and he doesn’t hurt me. Their digital x-rays have great detail. the new office remodel looks great and all the ladies there are very sweet. I know many dentists thru the work I do and this office is my pick. I would recommend it to my best friend. I was once seen same day by Joy for some issue I had before I left on a trip. I feel they value me as a patient. by Michael M. on 07/28/2013
Are you afraid of going to the dentist because you don’t believe they’ll tell you the truth and instead use any excuse–like being a new patient, or long absence from visiting the dentist–to upsell you into unnecessary procedures? So was I. Let me tell you: these people didn’t do that. I went in with all the nervousness you’ve got going to a new dentist, and I came out feeling great. by Joe G. on 02/23/2013
I **LOVE** Rio Vista Family Dentistry. I started going several years ago on a recommendation from a coworker, and have never been disappointed or unhappy. I lived out of state for a while, and when I came back, I went right back to Rio Vista! by John O. on 09/28/2012
Very professional and caring people. They made me feel at home the minute I walked in. by A l. on 09/18/2012
Needed my 13 y/o son to get his teeth checked, so I found this office on Yelp. Saw the positive reviews, so gave it a shot. Called and made an appt after the clerk verified his insurance (Metlife contract thru Tricare Dental). Went in and filled out the registration paperwork which was quick and easy. The hygienist even took him in even before I was done with the paperwork! Took his xrays, cleaned his teach and saw the dentist, all within the hour! No out of pocket expenses for me, which was good! Thanks guys! Highly recommended…they were very nice to my son. Awesome staff! by Rolerson P. on 08/08/2013
I haven’t been to a dentist in a long time (and I really mean a long time) but my girlfriend made an appointment for me to visit Dr. B to get my teeth checked out. Everyone at the office was great and very friendly and my first visit went pretty smoothly and much better than expected. Dr. B talked me through the whole process so I knew what was going on. She definitely helped me get me over my phobia of dentists. After that first visit, I had to go back 2 more times for some deep cleaning which was done by Camille who did a great job and the procedure was much easier and not as painful as I had expected. So my faith in dentists has been restored as well my teeth which have been given a new bill of health! by Kashif H. on 05/25/2012
I’m one of the ones who had a great fear of the dentist stemming from childhood experiences lasting into adulthood. Thankfully, I went with a friend’s recommendation several years ago to use Rio Vista Family Dentistry. Dr Reyes and company (special thanks Camille) soon cured those phobias with their attentive service and outstanding work. Prompt, professional, friendly… the entire team is awesome. I no longer hate going to the dentist and actually look forward to the routine check-ups! by Arthur F. on 05/19/2012
Wonderful dentist office! The staff, Dr. Reyes, and Dr. Bonifacio – all great & very friendly and personable! You know they care when you have to reschedule your appointment (and the only date available is 3 months later) BUT they keep you on a list and call you for any dates that open up earlier (and they really do call you)! They really care about your dental health and will listen to any concerns, as well as give great advice & suggestions if necessary. It’s always nice to find a good dentist! by L M. on 01/13/2012
Any Dentist with a TV in the ceiling that you can watch while they dril your teeth is fine by me. I go there more than i would like to but that means they know me well and are super nice to me. Doctor B and Reyes are cool. Unlike my previous Dentist, who retired in 1850 but still managed to fix my teeth in the 80s and 90s, these girls are young enough to probably be my dentist until i die. And so far, so great! And the other techs and assistants and receptionists there are fun and make you feel like you are not at the Dentist office. The only thing i would change is the pictures of the models on the walls. Its scary that they have such great teeth and they are staring at you. by Rudy D. on 01/02/2012
I had a great experience with this dentist office. I hadn’t gone to the dentist in a few years and am not a frequent flosser so I knew i was in for some bad news. But the dentist was really nice and helpful, cant remember her name, she had a long last name that started with a B. When I went in for my fillings, she made sure I was completely comfortable, they even have head phones and a tv on the ceiling to keep you occupied while they work. The Hygenist ( I think it was Oscar) who did my cleaning was amazing as well. He was really nice and also made sure I was comfortable. He was extremely thorough as well. In general I would definately recommend Rio Vista Family Dentristy. by Stacy F. on 09/28/2011
Very good. Best dentist Ive ever experienced. Staff was great. I had Camille do my cleaning and Dr Reyes was my dentist. Both thorough, professional, and friendly.Side note:( I was told that my tongue was super strong, they seemed impressed) Ill never switch again as long as I live in SD. by Greg M. on 05/12/2011
SERIOUS dentist hater here. I would rather dig my own eyeballs out that sit in a dental chair. My husband forced me to go – I knew I needed one of those horrible deep cleanings and had a few cavities etc. They are seriously kind there – Oscar did the deep cleaning and he is AWESOME. Really soothing throughout the entire visit and very attentive to whether you’re feeling anything. He’s amazing at what he does. Very gentle touch and isn’t one of those folks who shove his entire hand in your mouth. He’s the bomb.. Dr. Reyes is incredibly sweet. She does great work – I have been to other dentists that have seriously screwed up my bite and she worked magic correcting things (only needed to drill down a tooth because the bite was off). She’s awesome. If you’re a total chicken, take the chance and go there. You won’t regret it. They are incredibly gentle, very good at what they do and they aren’t out to rip you off. by Melissa C. on 03/24/2011
For several years, had difficulty finding a good dentist in San Diego. Finally, had tooth pain that had to be dealt with and found Rio Vista on Yelp. Very glad I found them, Dr Reyes and her staff were outstanding. Had tooth pain in back molar, made quick appt via Arlene for next day, Dr Reyes saw me ASAP. She immediately diagnosed need for a crown on problem tooth. Did X-rays and fully explained the complications to me, with potential problem of additional root-canal. She did not think the root-canal was necessary, but explained it all so I could decide myself. I chose not to have the root-canal, and over two visits Dr Reyes drilled and installed the crown. She did an excellent job, had me at ease the entire time, as I do not ever enjoy any trip to dentist! She calmed my concerns and made a difficult problem nearly painless. I was amazed, and still am. Two years later, have no problems with the tooth and the painful, ardous root-canal was not required, thanks to her spot-on diagnosis. A month later, got cleaning done from Camille, who was also professional and friendly. The total insurance bill for my extensive procedure was quite large, but Rio Vista did a good job working with insurance company. Overall, I am extremely pleased with Rio Vista Dental and will be seeing them for many years to come, while they keep me smiling. by J M. on 02/26/2011
I used to go to SmileCare which is like a cattle call/chop shop. I was very skeptical about ever finding a decent dentist, they are always so hard to find. I read all of the reviews on here and checked out there website and I was very excited about trying a dentist with the latest up-to-date technology and near my house. All of the staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I had my x-rays taken by Cher and she was super sweet and made the process very easy. I also like that it wasn’t the typical hard plastic thing that goes in your mouth and cuts at your cheeks…it was a soft material which was 100 times more comfortable. After that I was able to watch some TV while I waited for Dr. B to examine my teeth. Dr. B is amazing…she is very personable and explains everything in terms that I can understand. She went over all of my problem areas with me on the computer monitor which had my x-rays. She set up a treatment plan that would be broken up in multiple visits so that it would be easier financially and the most urgent to the stuff that can wait. I never once felt pressured into getting a service that I was doubtful I needed. Previously the dentist at SmileCare said I needed a root canal….good thing I didn’t listen to them because I definitely don’t need one. After the thorough exam I had my teeth cleaned by Camille who is amazing!! She cleaned my teeth and was very careful and thorough. She showed me how to properly floss/brush which was actually very helpful because I wasn’t really flossing properly. Also I wear a retainer at night and she said to bring it in next time and she will clean it for me!! Lastly, I was taken up front to make my next cleaning appointment and go over my treatment plan and insurance coverage. Geri at the front desk was more then helpful and very sweet. She went over everything with me so that I could understand what I was going to have done and how much it would cost me. I have NEVER left a dentist with a smile on my face…this would be the first time =) Overall this office and the staff are OUTSTANDING and I would highly recommend them to anyone! by Megan P. on 12/02/2010
This review may a bit out dated BUT, this IS now my dentist office as long as i live in San Diego. I’ve had cavities filled and my teeth cleaned here. Dr Reyes is who treated me and she was very nice and very informative ( i ask a lot of questions). I’ve actually had a Spanish class or two with one of the employees. Everyone here is very nice and courteous. If i had any questions regarding billing or even procedures i was answered right away. Also, T.v.s on the ceiling to watch shows while your getting work done is INGENIOUS! No one likes going to the dentist but, Dr. Reyes and the Rio vista family dentistry crew make it something no one should have to worry about. by Adam S. on 11/06/2010
Everyone knows how hard it is to find a dentist you actually like. Well, I can vouch with absolutely zero reservation that not only are the dentists amazing, but every single hygienist is super friendly. Dr. Bonifacio is my dentist and she is wonderful! Dr. “B” and Dr. Reyes are the two dentists and they are both very caring and friendly. I’ve been with Rio Vista for 5 years now and there has only been one incident where I had to wait a little longer to be seen, but I wouldn’t take a star for that considering how difficult it is to find a good quality dental office when it comes to dentsist, hygienists and receptionists all in one. There are televisions on the ceiling with headphones that patients can utilize, and believe me, as a person with quite a few cavities, when you’re sitting in that chair for a couple hours it definitely relieves anxiety. My hygienist, Oscar, is also extremely friendly and caring. During each and every cleaning visit, Oscar is delicate with cleaning and always makes sure that you, as the patient, understand the importance of caring for your teeth, with I definitely appreciate. I can say that I’ve picked up the habit of flossing daily after I started coming to Rio Vista and it’s made all the difference when I get to walk out knowing that I don’t need any work done! by Rubie G. on 09/04/2010
TVs in the ceiling! Great friendly staff and doctor’s, it feels as if I can call them my friends. quality of the procedures can’t be beat, I often fall sleep in the chair during cleanings. by Alex J. on 03/15/2010
One word…AWESOME!!! First about the staff… I have dealt with several office staff thus far and they have all been very pleasant and welcoming. Dr. B, Camille, and Cherlyn have been great at the work they performed, great conversationalists, and great people. I’ve been to the office 5+ times and they make me feel that I’m part of the Rio Vista family now. Now about the dental work… Thanks to Camille (hygienist) and Dr. B, my teeth are alive and well. They both informed me of the work they’d be performing as well as were very gentle with their numbing shots. Their work was professional, quick, and painless. All must haves from a good dentist. Here are some other things to think about when picking a dentist: 1) Is the office clean? 2) Do the patients appear happy? 3) Are there adequate distractions to help with the pain? 4) Good dentists take a personal interest in patients and their health? Lucky for you…Dr. B and the Rio Vista Dentistry have all the above. This is definitely an A+ place!!! by Chris S. on 11/11/2009
Let me start by saying that I hate going to dentists. Had some traumatic experiences when I was a kid. Ice picks, hammers, blood, and smoke aren’t my idea of happy times in my mouth. But Dr Reyes changed all that with her soothing voice, calming demeanor, and that magical touch that makes the Novocaine shot feel like a gum massage. I also did Invisalign here and now my grill is straighter that it was after those Megatron braces I had in 8th grade!! Make sure to get served by these fine tooth doctors at at RVFD before they get really big and booked for months because of their appearances on Extreme Makeover. by Paul P. on 08/06/2009
Very professional, been going here for years and have had minor and major work done by both doctors. Highly recommended. by Clay E. on 02/25/2009
They are very professional and don’t make you wait forever. I have been to many dentists that I am not a fan of, and this one is the best I have been to yet. Their focus is on taking care of you, rather than making the big push to sell you something that is unnecessary. It is quite a pleasant experience to go here…. at least as far as going to the dentist is concerned! by Crystal M. on 12/23/2008
I went in for a cleaning and turns out I had a cavity. My FIRST cavity:(, well it wasn’t a full cavity but it needed to be drilled and filled. I was scared. Dr. Reyes was awesome! She had some time available so she did it that same day (I was glad to get it over with). She numbed me up and I didn’t feel the needle at all. I watched fullhouse up above me on the ceiling while they drilled and filled and it was over quickly. Right after that I had a cleaning scheduled with Camille and she was great, very friendly and very thorough. Everyone in the office was sooooo nice and it had a great vibe. I totally recommend this place! by Kelly C. on 07/09/2008
This dental office offers the latest dental technology and computerized patient charting. Dr. Raquel Reyes and Dr. Joy Bonifacio are the coolest dentists ever! Both the doctors and the staff are professional and friendly, a great reason to keep coming back! Unlike other people I know, I don’t tend to sleep in the dental chair, during any of my appointments. If you’re like me, you can recline on one of the chairs, pop on headphones and watch TV, from screens mounted on the ceiling. They even give you control of the remote. It’s better than watching your dentist work on your teeth, through the reflection of her goggles. Wouldn’t want her to think that you are staring at her or that you’re creepy, by doing so. I’ve had many a dental work done at this place. Currently, I’m using invisalign, a cosmetic procedure to straighten out my teeth. I can’t be any more happier, with the results. Wanna see? EEeeeeeee. =B Conveniently, this family practice is located in Mission Valley, in the same shopping center as Pat ‘n Oscars, Daphne’s and Sombreros. After you get your teeth worked on, you can walk two doors down to Sombreros to munch on some carne asada chips, while you wait for the novacaine to wear off! But, don’t tell them that I said that! LOL! by Rianne D. on 06/16/2008

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